Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thursday 4/19-Sunday 4/22: A visit to Sheffield

On Thursday (4/19), Jessie and I slept in (we were rather exhausted from the past two days of exploring) and then headed to the train station--stopping for a breakfast bagel on the way. Mm, bagels! That's definitely something I'll be looking forward to having when I get back to the US (they don't DO bagels in France...)!
We took the train from London to Sheffield (about 2 hours by train to the North), where Grace and Elara picked us up at the station! It was so good to see them again! Unfortunately, though, it was just as gray and rainy there as it was in London. We headed back to their house and had a relaxing evening (which included some delicious carrot soup and watching Black Adder).

Then, on Friday, Jessie and I got to sleep in because Grace was busy in the morning and everyone else was gone (Kim was at work, the girls were at school). In the afternoon we tried to go to a museum with Grace, but when we got there it turned out to be closed! Phooey. So, we did some grocery shopping (Jessie needed to stock up on "Percy Pigs"--a British gummy candy) and then went back to Grace's house and had a magnificent tea party! We had walked over to pick up Elara from school and then came home and prepared the tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. It was so elegant and delicious! 

Grace even brought out the good china!


The GOOD kind of cider!
On Saturday, Kim, Grace, Miranda, and Elara took us to the MAGNA museum in an old factory in Sheffield. It's a science museum and has four parts: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There were plenty of fun activities and exhibits. We had a lot of fun, although it was really chilly!

The shut-down factory, turned science museum

Jessie's cool!

Jessie drives the backhoe
That afternoon we were all feeling really lazy, so Kim turned on the movie "Madagascar" (because I'd never seen it). When the first movie finished, we continued with "Madagascar 2." That evening, we had an absolutely delicious Indian dinner followed by a traditional Greek pastry. 
Jessie and I had to leave on Sunday morning so we could catch a bus and train to get us to the airport in Manchester. We took a Ryanair flight back to Biarritz, where Ralf picked us up at the airport. 

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