Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday 4/2-Friday 4/6: Goodbye CM2s!

This was my last week with the 5th grade (CM2) classes. They will be gone all next week on a field trip, so I won't get to see them. On Monday I had Hélène's class and we just played a game and then I turned on some music so we could dance.

Photo: Hélène's class (CM2)
First we did the YMCA (which they really got into) and then I taught them the hand jive so we could dance to "Rock Around the Clock." That was a lot of fun! When the teacher came back into the room at the end, I had her take a picture of us. I'm going to miss those kids!!!
Between classes, I drove to the hospital in Dax to get my Yellow Fever vaccination. The doctor was really nice and gave me all the info I need and, although I had to pay 30 euros for the shot, he didn't make me pay for the visit (normally 25 euros!). That was great!

On Tuesday I had my last class with Claude's students and we did pretty much the same thing: played a game and then sang and danced. I wrote my address in Corvallis up on the board and told them that if they sent me a letter (in French or English), I would for sure write them back. :)

Photo: Claude's class (CM2)

Wednesday afternoon I went to the cinema with Margot and Claire to see "Marsupilami"! It's a film based off a classic French comic book and it was super cute!


In the evening, I drove to the Biarritz airport to pick up JESSIE!! She arrived at 7:50pm, but I made sure to go early because I didn't want to be late due to getting lost or traffic or something (like when I went to pick up Crystal). Her flight was right on time and I was so so excited to see her come walking out!! I was all prepared for her arrival, bringing some French chocolate to welcome her!
When I tried to drive out of the parking lot, I stuck my ticket into the machine and waited for the gate to open......but it didn't. Then I realized that you only get 30 minutes of free parking, but since I had arrived early (unlike last time), I had been there for longer than 30 mins! I got my money out to pay, but the machine only took FRENCH credit cards. Which I don't have. hmm.
So, I backed up into the parking lot and we went back into the airport where (after I'd asked at the info desk) I was pointed to the machines inside for paying with cash... hehe. We did eventually make it back home!

Photo: This WELCOME sign was waiting for Jessie (courtesy of Margot), along with a packet of candy! "Have nice days here!"

On Thursday, Jessie rested at home while I taught my classes. When I'd finished, we took a walk through town and in the woods (while it wasn't raining).

Photo: Jessie reading Hunger Games...she finished the series!

Photo: On our walk, we (of course) stopped by the monkey bars!

Photo: Jessie in front of les Arènes!

During the night on Thursday, I started feeling really crappy. By the time it was morning, I knew that my yellow fever shot was taking effect. The doctor had told me that 4-5 days after the shot, it was likely I'd have some fever symptoms. Ugh.

Friday was my last class with Emmanuelle's students--and we did pretty much the same thing I did with the other two classes. They were really sweet, though, and had made me a big card with cool drawings and a cute message written (mostly) in English.

Photo: Emmanuelle's class (CM2)

We did lots of singing and dancing and then showed Emmanuelle and the Spanish students when they came back at the end of our class. I'm going to miss all those kids so much!!
Jessie and I had lunch at the school because the teachers had planned a potluck to say goodbye to us language assistants. They told Pablo and I not to bring anything, just come and eat!

Photo: Enjoying some Gâteau Basque

It was great--and just sitting around talking with them made me think of the first time I had lunch in the staff room. I feel so comfortable now! They are all so nice and I have so much fun joking around with them. I cannot even imagine that I won't be seeing them anymore... It's not sinking in.

Photo: (L->R) Laurence, Emmanuelle, Me, Duyen

At the end of the lunch, they took out a bag each for Pablo and I--a going-away present! They gave me a long-sleeved shirt and an apron (because I bake all the time!) with things on them written in Gascon (the language that used to be spoken in this area). So kind of them!!

Photo: Laureline, Me, & Hélène

In the afternoon, Pablo and I were invited to stop by Hélène's class so they could say goodbye. And they had made us little books that had a drawing and message from each student! And the messages are absolutely adorable! And Claude's class had made a little card for me that was signed by all the kids. I feel loved!! :)
On Friday night, Jessie and I went to folk dancing after dinner. It was an "everyone" night, so the really good stilt dancers were there! They are always pretty incredible--especially when they are jumping over people! I was still feeling sick, but I danced for a while. Then I sat with Jessie and was entertained by the four little girls who were crowded around her, trying to practice their very basic English! It was hilarious!

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