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Saturday 4/7-Monday 4/9: Celebrating Easter

On Saturday, I woke up still sick. How is it possible for me to be sick AGAIN!?!?!! Sigh. Due to the horrible weather, Jessie and I slept in and lounged around in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we went to watch Margot's handball match. They played better than last week, but ended up losing again.
There was a folk dance performance planned for Saturday night and I really, really wanted to go--but I was feeling so sick. I had no energy and was just lying on my bed reading. So, I can't say I was too sad when I got the call saying that the performance was canceled due to rain. It's a bummer that I didn't get to perform with them, but probably just as well because even standing up was taxing for me.
Instead, Jessie and I just hung out with the family all evening, watching "The Voice." The show is nothing special, but what was fun was hanging out and chatting and joking around. Ralf was in a hilarious mood and we were all having so much fun--in French and English!
On Easter we slept in late and were having breakfast as the Bergfelds left for a baptism and party which would last all day. Jessie and I relaxed for a bit and then drove over to Capbreton to pick up Alison and go to Emmanuelle's house. She had invited us for lunch dessert, so we arrived at 2pm and hung out with her and her daughter, Luna.
Photo: Emmanuelle serves dessert

It was fun to just relax and talk (although Jessie was probably a bit bored because we were talking in French most of the time) and Luna (who is 5) was hilarious! She had a ribbon and was using it as a bracelet, necklace, or hairband to decorate each of us in turn!

Photo: Luna dressing up Jessie...

We ended up going to the beach, but Emmanuelle and Luna didn't stay long (Luna was tired).

Photo: Beaching on Easter

Alison, Jessie, and I hung out for a while at the beach and then headed back to Alison's apartment until it was time for dinner. We decided to go out to dinner at the pizza place (where we went previously) and it was delicious! Jessie and Alison got goat cheese & honey pizzas and I got a margherita (but I traded Jessie for one slice). Mmm!

Photo: Dessert...chocolat croquant!


Sunday night Alison spent the night at my house and we stayed up until 2am talking and watching funny youtube videos.

Photo: Jessie and Francesca celebrate another Easter together in Europe! :)

We slept in the next morning and ended up being invited for Easter Monday lunch at Chantal's house. We sat around for a few hours chatting with the whole family (well, the kids played outside--miraculously it was sunny for once!) and had a tasty meal of asparagus, bean stew, (lamb for the meat-eaters) and strawberries with whipped cream for dessert!

Jessie and I shared the jelly beans and Cadbury eggs that she had brought from the US...along with PEEPS! And, oddly enough, they liked the Peeps! WHAT??
Photo: Claire and a friend are excited for Peeps

Photo: Alison tentatively tastes a Peep...

Photo: Easter Lunch

Photo: Warming up the eggs...

I was still feeling sick, so I ended up napping a bit while Alison and Jessie hung out. Then we had tea and decided to color the eggs that I had hard-boiled that morning.

Unfortunately we hadn't managed to find white eggs, so the colors didn't show up so well on the brown eggs.

Photo: Jessie shows off her eggs

But we still had fun coloring them with Margot (who had never done it before because they don't do that here)!

Photo: Our egg family

Photo: All colored out!

In the early evening, Alison, Jessie, and I hid chocolate eggs all over the yard for the kids to find. Margot did by far the best (24/40 mini eggs), but they were all fairly lousy at finding them. I think Catherine doesn't normally hide them in very tricky places like we did! In the end they managed to find them all (with only a teeny bit of help) and we headed inside for dinner.
It was a fun, chocolate-filled Easter!
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