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Friday 4/13-Sunday 4/15: A Weekend in Spain

On Friday (4/13) night, Alison came over after she'd finished with classes. I left her with Jessie and I headed over to say goodbye to my folk dance group. They weren't having a dance practice, they were preparing for a fund raiser that they were putting on during the weekend. It was basically a giant BINGO night--but with over 400 people! And they were preparing the snacks that they were planning to sell (crêpes and merveilles)-- I have never seen so much crêpe batter at once! 
Yes, that's all crêpe batter!
I hung out for about 1 1/2 hours (I was only planning to stay for 30 mins, but I got talking and figured that it was my last time with them...) and when I said that I really needed to go because I was already so late for dinner, they whipped out some presents that they had for me! They gave me a dvd of the little program about them that had been on TV (last fall) and a card that was signed by everyone! I was so surprised! As I was standing there, they also handed me a little change purse with their logo on it....and then a bandana with their logo....and then a tiny handmade pair of stilts!! They're about 5 inches tall, but they're just like the real ones! I hadn't really realized that they noticed me so much! It was really nice to feel like they had been excited to have me there--and they said I should find them a performance gig in Oregon so they could come visit me!! 
Most of the folk dance group!
I returned home (and had missed dinner, but they saved some for me!) and spent the evening with Alison and Jessie. In the morning (Sat 4/14), we took the train down to San Sebastian, Spain. Unfortunately, it was gray and rainy. Noooo! We have no luck at all with weather! :(
Ah, Spain.....
Video: Dancing on the wall at the edge of the channel

In a moment of sun!
Luckily we had some halfway decent weather in the afternoon (a tiny bit of sun, but mostly gray and windy), so we wandered around town and hiked up to see Jesus on the hill. When we'd made it back down, we stopped at a tapas bar to have a beer and chat for a while. 
Walls are for climbing...

Jessie found Jesus

Walking around the port

Having a beerBy that point, we were getting hungry for dinner... so, we found a pizzeria where we enjoyed some pizza and sangria.
Jessie and Sangria
Afterwards, we stopped in a bar before meeting up with some other assistants (who happened to be staying at our hostel) in a different bar. Then we all walked together to a pub near to our hostel where we sat around playing a drinking game that I had played before--but without the drinking part! Alison and I headed back to the hostel around 2am, but Jessie went out with the group to another bar where they had dancing. She got in at 4:30am!
One of the bars

Jessie with her strawberry mojito
On Sunday (4/15) we slept in really late and then got some "tortilla" (omelet) and pastry and fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfast. We sat in the café for a while because it was absolutely POURING and we had some time before we needed to be at the train station. 
When we returned to Tyrosse, I wanted to stop at the folk dance group's BINGO fundraiser--just to see what it was. It was really ironic, though, because it was a Sunday night...I arrived at the train station...then walked over to the covered market...and the folk dance group was there for their BINGO night... it was JUST like the very first night when I arrived in Tyrosse! Except (as they pointed out) I wasn't crying and lost this time! Haha!

Sunday evening we were invited to dinner at Bruno and Françoise's house! It was a lovely dinner party---Ralf, Catherine, Isabelle, Hélène, and Pablo were there as well. We were there for about 5 hours and the conversation was lively and interesting the whole time!

(L-R) Pablo, Catherine, Françoise, Isabelle, Hélène, Natalie, Ralf, Bruno

I will really miss these people. They are all so kind and funny and I feel really comfortable around them now. Perhaps I'll have to come back for a visit... :)

At the end of the night, Bruno and Françoise were nice enough to offer to drop Jessie and I at the Biarritz airport on Monday so we could catch our flight to London.

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